Monday, October 09, 2006

Blogs that I subscribe to...

What follows is a list of blogs that I subscribe to in no particular order...

1). Tool Monger

A blog devoted to guys' obsession with powertools. I like that it has a wide range of features, including product reviews, project ideas, and my personal favorite, the D'oh of the Week. I highly recommend this feature if you have an interest in reading stories about various shop related accidents (anvil on foot, setting pants on fire while welding, shrapnel wounds etc.) It's a hoot!

2). Бирский фотоблог [Birsk photoblog]

I stumbled across this site while I was searching for a good photoblog. It's great because it combines two of my hobbies- photography and Russian language/culture. As its title suggests, its a photoblog about the city and people of Birsk. I like that the photos aren't from a professional photographer.

Some of my favorite photos:

Intensive Clouds

A Recent Moment

3). The Secular Outpost

This is a blog that is maintained by members of the Internet Infidels, a collection of secularists and free thinkers that I highly enjoy reading. They tend to focus heavily on the Evolution/ID/Creationism debate, something that I find interesting.


  • Thank you very much! It is true that I am not a professional photographer. And it is true that this photoblog about small Russian town Birsk (not a city, it's a joke).

    Klimin Andrew, Birsk photoblog

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:34 AM  

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