Monday, September 11, 2006

Media Matters

Well… in the interest of community building (whatever that means) I though I’d share some websites that came up during a discussion of Media Ownership in my BECA 390 class. (My apologies if this is old hat for some).

The first comes from the Columbia Journalism Review. It’s a partial list of media companies and their subsidiaries. While we all know Disney owns ABC, did you know that they also own E! and A&E? How about KGO and KSFO? Look around—you might be surprised.

The second site is pretty nifty, even if it might be a bit dated (circa 2004). They Rule is a flash site that illustrates and maps who sits on which corporate board or boards as the case may be. You can also see to which organizations or political parties individual board members make donations.

I think the interesting thing about They Rule is all the information, including donating history, is (apparently) gleaned from public information. It just sort of reminds you how transparent our lives can be in the (duh-duh-Duuh!) Age of Information.


  • Hello!

    What you posted reminded me a lot of my BECA 423 class. It was all to do with Elec. Media Economics.

    But it's true that many people are not aware of just how much companies own, and their part in it. We may only hear the big names and think they are unrelated.

    We may think that we're getting all kinds of media, but where does it come from, and who controls what we see/hear?

    I especially liked the second link you gave. It was informative on who was where.

    Since you used the Walt Disney Co. as an example, here's a link giving a little more info on what exactly they own in different industries. DIS

    By Blogger Andrea, at 6:50 PM  

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