Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Holidays

I just want to take a moment and wish everyone from BECA 670 a Merry Christmas. This semester was a blast!

Anyway, here's a addictive little holiday flash game I found while cruising the web. Enjoy!


Thursday, November 30, 2006

Project Up and Running

Well, I've finally got my project site up and running.

HypeFiction is the name of the game. I've started a few stories (more like kernels of story) so if anyone is interested in logging in and contributing, by all means go ahead. I'll work on some stories I've got fermenting in the ol' noggin and get them up as soon as I find time.

Any problems, feel free to drop me a line.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Final Project III-- The Details!

Okay, if you've been reading my last couple of posts, then you know that I plan to create a detective hyperfiction website for my final project. Soooo.... I suppose some details are in order.

A). Following the suggestion of a computer guru/net geek friend of mine, I've scored a cheap website over at GatorHost.

B). I'm currently in the process of installing and configuring a version of Drupal content managment system to run the web site. (Also suggested by techie/guru/nerd friend).

C). Once up and fully running, individuals will be able to create user accounts that will allow them to post and edit stories. They'll also be able to participate in online polls, discussion forums and leave comments on items that catch their eye.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Final Project II

After reexamining my initial project proposal, I’ve decided to scrap the idea of creating a video short of some type. It would be fun and all, but I don’t think I’ve got the time or the facilities to realize any of my ideas.

Instead, I think I’d like to create a hyperfiction website, similar to what we did in class last Thursday. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I had a lot of fun working on my piece. Plus, doing this would give me a chance to try my hand at some web design, something that I’ve never really tried before.

I think for the most part I already have all the tools I need for this project:

1) For the creation of the html files, I have a copy of Dreamweaver. I honestly have never played around with it, so I might need some help from the more web savvy people in the class. Then again, my project will be pretty much just text and graphics, very similar to the 24 Hours With Someone You Know. I know, I know, that’s vintage web design— maybe I could get some suggestions from the class on how to kick things up a notch.

2) Photoshop, Illustrator, and a camera (for creating the aforementioned graphic elements).

3) Some time and a bit of creativity.

The actual concept for the site would be pretty much like I outlined in my Hyperfiction II post. I’d start things off with a one or two fiction pieces, then either give readers the option of submitting stuff via e-mail or figure out how to let them create their submissions on-line like Dark Lethe. That second option is where I’d need some real help with building.

Anyway, that’s my (new) idea. What do ya’ll think?

P.S. I've played around with the html files we made in class with Dreamweaver, and this is the result... pretty simple, eh?

Friday, November 10, 2006

I've lost an hour of my life and I want it back!

Well, for my foray into that wild and wooly world of MMORPG gaming, I made the mistake of playing Tibia. I should have known I was in for trouble considering the game shares a name with part of the human anatomy… oh well. Tibia is pretty much your run of the mill MMORPG, set in a fantasy/medieval locale. Evidently, eventually you can encounter fearsome beasts and monsters, but after an hour of play, I was still stuck in the newbie hometown; though not for a lack of trying.

All I managed to accomplish was killing a rabbit (probably someone’s pet) and a sheep (also a likely pet). Talk about fun. Oh yeah, I also blundered into some sort of market square, where other players were selling items they had won in their quests. Neat, except that the screen got so crowded with text, player names, and sales pitches that it became nigh impossible to navigate.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Tibia, and by extension most other MMORPGs are fun, so long as you either stick with them, or manage to get in on the ground floor. I just don’t think that they’re really suited for the casual gamer (like me).

It's interesting to note that, at least according to Wikipedia, Tibia is supposed to be one of the oldest and most popular MMORPGs out there... go figure...

Hypertext Literature II

Well, after having given it some thought, here's my proposal for an interactive fiction/hyperfiction/game world/whatever you wanna call it.

Basically, the site would be a collection of case files, notes and musings from a real, old fashioned hard-bitten gumshoe: think Sam Spade or Philip Marlowe (though not Mike Hammer, he's an asshole!) There would be plenty of room for exploration of human condition, comments on society etcetera. Plus, who could resist writting about a character with a kick-ass name Hal Brockman!

Anyway, here's what I wrote in class.

The Orchard

Hypertext Literature

Perusing the Electronic Literature Directory, I came across 2002: A Palindrome Story. What I find amazing is that the authors managed to write (with the aid of a program called Deep Seed) such a long palindrome that actually makes sense. No, really, it does! Maybe not the first time through, but read it a second or third time, and you’ll get it. It’s actually quite good. Then again, if disjointed, hallucinatory stream of consciousness narratives aren’t your thing… maybe you’ll want to pass.

To read this takes a lot of patience, but it’s worth it. Passages that don’t make sense in the first half, end up being important details in the second half, when they’re read in reverse. Plus, because of the story’s disjointed nature, there is room for a great deal of personal interpretation of its events.

Here’s some possible interpretations of the plot. Personally, I’m of the opinion that the events are taking place over the course of one or two days, not a whole year, but that’s just me.

Another discovery I made on the Electronic Literature Directory was 8 Minutes. While the narrative is kind of interesting, the presentation leaves a lot to be desired, in my opinion. The story is broken up into little segments, each with their own web page.

Ok, that’s fine. However, each page has a timer, and will automatically proceed to the next page in the sequence. Ok, that’s not so good. For some pages the timer was too fast, meaning the page changed before I was finished reading the text. For others, the timers were a tad slow.

Either way, it made for a kind of passive experience that I didn’t care for. If I only wanted to watch something flash at me, I’d choose something with color and graphics, not just text.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Dammit Mickey, quit listening to Judas Priest!

I just came across the oddest thing... a vintage comic strip of Mickey Mouse trying to commit suicide! I don't know how legit it is (Walt was always a lil' crazy I hear), so maybe I'll just let you make up your own minds...

Suicidal Mickey

Regardless if these are fakes or not, for some reason this panel makes me laugh...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I agree with Ed.

For the record, the links for my Technorati/ accounts...profiles...whatever are in the sidebar under Miscellanea.

Please no more accounts, I beg of you!